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Our process at ATP Connect is designed with precision, care, and efficiency to ensure individuals with mobility needs receive the best possible outcomes. It begins with a comprehensive referral from case managers, therapists, or physicians, leading to an extensive evaluation by our certified ATPs. We handle everything from paperwork preparation for insurance coverage to coordinating with vendors for equipment quotes and scheduling delivery. Our unique partnership model with local providers enables us to offer personalized, timely services directly within the patient's community. From initial evaluation to follow-up, ATP Connect is committed to delivering outstanding service and support at every step.



ATP Connect & CRT evaluation process.

  1. Referral is received by ATP Connect from Case Mgr/Therapist/Physician
  2. The demographics page with all information of patient is reviewed by ATP Connect and forwarded to Vendor to determine Network coverage and benefits.
  3. Evaluation is scheduled by ATP Connect with therapist.
  4. Evaluation is completed by ATP Connect and therapist/Physician and LMN obtained.
  5. Quotes for all equipment are obtained by ATP Connect (process tbd per Vendor)
  6. Proper paperwork for Insurance coverage is prepared for completion by Vendor. (DPD/SWO/Clearance forms)
  7. All paperwork is taken by ATP Connect to Physician for signature and chart notes are collected
  8. All paperwork is reviewed by ATP Connect.
  9. All paperwork forwarded to Vendor.
  10. Vendor reviews paperwork and verifies if any corrections are needed.
  11. Vendor sends to Insurance for Authorization.
  12. Insurance reviews
  13. Insurance authorization is received by Vendor.
  14. Vendor notifies ATP Connect of authorization.
  15. Vendor orders equipment and informs ATP Connect of estimated ship dates.
  16. Vendor receives equipment notifies ATP Connect.
  17. Vendor assembles equipment based on measurements and specs and notifies ATP Connect of completion.
  18. Vendor verifies insurance coverage is still active.
  19. Vendor and ATP schedule delivery at Patient’s home or local office.
  20. A Vendor representative will bring equipment and meet ATP Connect at patient’s home.
  21. Final fitting is completed, and paperwork signed with ATP and Vendor representative.
  22. Vendor bills insurance
  23. ATP Connect takes picture of successful outcome and completes outcome measure paperwork to share with therapist and physician
  24. Vendor pays ATP Connect based on negotiated rates.
  25. ATP Connect does follow up with Patient 1 month after and 6th month after delivery
  26. If any adjustment or correction needs to be completed, then ATP Connect will acquire proper paperwork and funding needed for completion of modification.

Loaner Process

  1. Once evaluation is complete, ATP Connect locates an adequate loaner chair for discharge to home.
  2. Patient uses loaner equipment until they receive their own chair from provider.
  3. On delivery of personal chair ATP Connect takes loaner wheelchair unless there is a specialized cleaning that needs completed. If this is the situation, then Vendor will take them to their office for proper cleaning.
  4. All repair parts, batteries, and proper seating components will be purchased from Vendor by ATP Connect at cost and ATP Connect will install.

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